Poverty 101

Poverty 101

When our staff gathered a few years ago to discuss ways we can help more people, our conversation led to a shocking realization. Even our staff – those of us who work closest with people trapped in poverty – had more to learn.

The more we talked, the more we saw that before we could do more, we needed to know more. That’s when Poverty 101 was created.

Poverty 101 is a training class that will help our community better understand the unique challenges of long-term poverty. It is designed to provide tools that will help each of us find the best way to engage with the people God puts in our path.

Trainings are offered once a quarter on the following dates:

When: April 22, 2017 (No More Seats Available)
Next available dates:  July 22, 2017  |  October 28, 2017  |  January 27, 2018  |
Where: Men’s facility 3711 Smith Ave Everett WA 98206
Time: 9am-2:30pm (lunch provided)

We also offer training for churches and the community at large. We’d love to come to your church and help the people you worship with understand challenges of poverty and learn the best ways to support people who are struggling.

To RSVP for a date above or to learn more about hosting a training at your church or office, email feedhopehere@egmission.org.