October 2, 2013

Rethinking jobs

These are challenging times. So many who come here have been forced into poverty by joblessness. For those still working, wages have gone down. Full-time has become part-time. Food costs have gone up. It’s gotten harder and harder just to survive.

Lack of experience keeps younger workers out of the job market, seasoned experience makes older workers too expensive. Even a college degree doesn’t mean you’ll get a job anymore.

It’s time to reconsider how we help people here at the Mission. And maybe for all of us to reconsider what college is all about.

In some cases, a technical or vocational degree will result in a job with better pay than a four-year degree ever could. Here at the Mission, our focus is to help people become workers with marketable skills as quickly as we can. Of course, we want them using the talents God gave them. But it’s also important that the training be relevant to the jobs actually available in the area we live. You don’t need to learn pearl diving in Everett, but you can clean a water tower in a scuba suit instead.

The faster people get back on their feet, the sooner a space comes open to help the next person.

We’re praying about these changing times and looking for opportunities. I don’t think there is any easy answer. If you’ve got ideas, we’d love to hear them! And if you or someone you know can hire someone here at the Mission, please let us know.

I’m confident the men and women working to get back on their feet here would be an asset to any business. And you’ll feel great, knowing you’ve given a deserving man or woman, mom or dad, a second chance.