Everett Gospel Mission engages with the community to alleviate poverty.

Our staff loves Jesus and He is the reason we do everything we do. We believe he has called us to help and love all of our neighbors in need regardless of age, gender, race or religion.


Our Passport program is designed to offer a transitional, structured environment for people who need assistance securing employment, housing and financial freedom. Program residents can choose to either serve at the Mission or pay a low bed fee, as they teach them life skills and encourages financial independence.

I came off the street and started sleeping here at the Mission, the program is great because they have a medical dorm, a kitchen, and like 60 bunk beds.
I remember being 23, addicted to meth and sleeping under branches in the woods in Everett, with snow on the ground. Coming here saved my life and my baby.


The Genesis recovery program is offered to those struggling with addiction. It is a personalized 12-step program with an emphasis on God’s guidance and healing. The program explores trauma, coping mechanisms and mental processes, and offers the tools necessary to reverse generations of addiction and build a healthy life.

Poverty 101

Poverty 101 is a training class that will help our community better understand the unique challenges of long-term poverty. It is designed to provide tools that will help each of us find the best way to engage with the people God puts in our path.

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