November 28, 2013

We’ve got the Christmas spirit!

As we get ready for the Christmas holiday, it’s easy to get lost in the lights and tinsel. Sometimes we get distracted from Jesus’ message above the noise of the season. We feel stressed by the pressure of gift-giving and planning get-togethers.

The Christmas spirit can be hard to come by.

But it’s even harder for the homeless. They can’t hear God’s voice over the rumbling of their stomach. It’s hard to be joyful when your shoes are soaking wet and you’re shivering from the cold. After walking all night, going days without sleep, they wonder why a loving God would ignore their tears and prayers?

That’s why meals, warm clothing and other basic care here at the Mission are so important.

These things are such small acts of kindness. But they can be someone’s proof that God exists.

From there, Christmas suddenly has a whole new meaning. Many decide to stay with us and get a fresh start in the New Year because they first came here for a meal, or a shower, or a place to warm up and dry off.

When you give, volunteer or advocate for the Mission, you may think of your support as “doing a little something” and getting on with your day. But God uses your efforts to Feed Hope Here.

And even though you wouldn’t expect a mission to be a joyful place to be at Christmas, it really is.

In fact, I’ll just say it: We’ve got more Christmas spirit here than you’ll ever find at any department store or in any shopping mall Santa line.

It really is amazing. And all because of the support of friends like you who offer hope and a way off the streets to those in greatest need. Thank you.

I hope knowing the impact of your partnership puts you in the Christmas spirit today . . . and every day!