December 10, 2013

6 ways to Help Homeless Kids

During the Christmas season there are countless ways to show love and care to our family, friends, neighbors and those in need.

Here at the Mission we show love in a variety of ways. We welcome those who have nowhere to go and give them a good, hot, nourishing meal. We share the love of Jesus with them and invite them to welcome Him into their heart. We also have programs to help those living on the streets get back on their feet in a meaningful and lasting way. None of that would be possible without the generous support of our caring friends.

I am so thankful for this ministry and the work that God has called me to. It’s challenging and often heart-breaking, but it’s also the most meaningful thing I can imagine. As I look around at all the pain in our community, I know that the Mission can’t change everything. But we can do more — especially at Christmas. As you and your family look for more ways to be a blessing to those in need, I encourage you to consider these five ways you can make a difference for a homeless child this season.

Christmas is the worst time of year to be homeless — especially for the 800 children who are homeless in Snohomish County. They didn’t do anything to end up where they are and they can’t do anything to get out of it. But we can show them the love of Jesus. We can show them they matter. We can replace their despair with hope.

1. Donate Clothing: Many of our kids still don’t have decent school clothing, shoes without holes or warm socks.

2. Provide Winter Coats: A T-shirt is fine for summer, but as winter comes, it just doesn’t cut it. Our boys and girls need winter coats to protect them from the elements.

3. Experience the Angel Tree: “Adopt” a child in need and send them a Christmas gift. This is a wonderful way to get your entire family involved in helping others. Contact Jonathan Anderson at to adopt a child in need today.

4.  Offer New Toys: We want to do everything we can to make the kids here feel the magic of the season. Having a new toy to unwrap — one that isn’t dirty or broken — makes a child feel special and celebrated.

5. Drop off baby supplies: The moms who come to us love their children deeply but can’t provide food, let alone diapers and other supplies. Right now we need diapers in all sizes, along with wipes, diaper rash cream, baby powder and formula.

6. Get your family involved: Each year the Mission does an Angel Tree so our friends can “adopt” children whose parents are in prison and send them a Christmas gift.

You can drop off any of these items at the Mission, or contact Jonathan Anderson at to find out additional ways you can get involved.