December 13, 2013

If you’re one of the “70,” read this! If you’re not, read this!

I was reading in Numbers, Chapter 11, and this verse jumped out at me:

“The Lord said to Moses: ”Bring me seventy of Israel’s elders who are known to you as leaders and officials among the people. Have them come to the tent of meeting, that they may stand there with you.”

At this time in history, the people were whining, and being difficult. They didn’t want to do the hard job ahead of them. Moses felt alone. But God stepped in and essentially said, “Get the 70 who are responsible, so you don’t have to carry your burden alone.” 

The people who support Everett Gospel Mission are like those 70 responsible people. Those who attend our Community Breakfast in the fall. Those who bring their friends to the Walk for Hope in the spring. Everyone who gives, prays, collects gifts-in-kind or comes down here to help.

Thank you!

You are leaders and inspirers, hearers and doers of God’s word, the people who will turn our community around. And in these tough times, your support has never been more important. We’ve got a lot of need. A lot of people in total darkness. A lot of hunger for truth.

Without you, we might as well collapse into chaos and fail. But with you, we’re going to cross this desert and have confidence that better days are just ahead.

And if you don’t consider yourself one of the “70,” it’s never too late. Get started now by volunteering, giving or praying. Or contact us if you have something else in mind!