March 18, 2014

The Promise of Easter: NEW LIFE

When you are homeless and hungry, life seems hopeless.

You feel alone. Forgotten. Like everything you ever lived for will have to change. But where do you start? Is it even worth trying? Is a new life really possible?

These are the questions that thousands of our homeless and hungry neighbors face every day. And the answer is a resounding: YES! Yes, it’s worth it! Yes, there is hope! Yes, there is NEW LIFE! The resurrection of Jesus we celebrate on Easter proves it! And it is our delight here at the Mission to share that truth, joy, and love with those in need.

So this Easter, as we celebrate Jesus and all that He has done for us, we celebrate the NEW LIFE He gives to each and every one of us when we turn to Him.

Here at the Mission it’s easy to see new life in tangible ways. Mothers reunited with their children. Addicts who are clean and sober for the first time in decades. It’s miraculous! Yet we cannot forget, when we look at their lives and their often-dramatic turnarounds, that Jesus has given us the very same thing He has given them: a miracle!

Even if we were never homeless or hungry. Even if we never face the desperate problems others struggle with, Jesus has rescued us from death and given us NEW LIFE! That new life is a miraculous gift. A gift that that must be shared with others.

This Easter can be a turning point for our hurting neighbors. By offering them shelter and a hot meal, we offer them the love of Christ and the possibility of a NEW LIFE.  That is the promise of Easter, and that is the promise you can share through your support.

Walk in your NEW LIFE and share the love of Christ with everyone you encounter.

He has blessed us so much, and I truly believe this is only a taste of what is yet to come.

And of course, Happy Easter!