May 1, 2014

Feed Hope Kitchen

A Ticket to a Whole NEW Life!

We are thrilled to announce our newest program to help people work their way out of homelessness: Feed Hope Kitchen.

Feed Hope Kitchen is a rigorous, 14-week, hands-on training and job-placement program designed specifically to give Mission residents the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to get an entry-level job in the food service industry.

Getting out of poverty is all about having the relationships to help you. That’s what makes Feed Hope Kitchen so amazing. It’s not only about the training; it’s also about job-placement. We’re working hard to partner with Snohomish County food industry professionals who will hire our graduates so that their lives truly change.

With this training, people could begin entry-level jobs and have the potential to move up in the industry and make a living wage.

We couldn’t be more excited about the countless lives that will change through this program. But, to make it successful, we need your support and prayers.

Our first group of students has already begun classes. Please be in prayer for them and if you know of anyone in the culinary industry, encourage them to partner with us! We can tailor our training to meet specific job requirements at various restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and catering companies. We just need to know what they need.