August 11, 2014

Generational Cycle of Poverty

Did you know that when a child is born into homelessness and hunger, they are at an even greater risk of staying trapped in poverty as they grow older?

It’s true. Like it or not, parents pass down many of their traits to their children. I remember the first time I realized the words coming out of my mouth sounded like my mother. I was shocked, and yet, when I really think about it, it’s not so surprising. We tend to repeat the things that seem normal to us. Sadly, that means generational poverty and homelessness is hard to break.

Just look at these statistics:

  • Children who are poor at birth are significantly more likely to drop out of high school, become pregnant as teenagers and live in poverty as adults.
  • Kids who are poor at birth are 3 times less likely to complete high school
  • 32% of persistently poor children go on to spend at least half of their adult lives in poverty
  • Children of alcoholics are 4 times more likely to become alcoholics themselves

What’s even more interesting to me is that the longer someone is homeless or poor as a child, the higher their probability of ever getting out of poverty. That means every day matters!

That’s why the Mission is here. Because every day people are hungry. Every day people need the love of Jesus. And every day can be the first day of a new life.

Numbers and statistics don’t lie, but they also don’t reflect the countless ways Jesus can make a way for people to overcome the odds. There’s always hope in Him. That’s why I get so excited by the work we do. Every meal we serve, every hot shower we offer and every sweater or blanket we hand out offers the hope and love of Jesus to those in need.

No matter how long someone has been homeless — no matter what their background — Jesus can give them hope and a new life.

That’s what gets me up in the morning. That’s the joy I hope you feel every time you partner with the Mission.

Thank you for being a part of this amazing ministry!