September 18, 2014

Those who’ve found HOPE are Feeding Others…

I love seeing the ripple effect of changed lives. When someone experiences hope, freedom and healing, they can’t keep it to themselves. They become some of the most generous people you will ever meet. It’s amazing to witness.

That’s part of the vision behind our newest job-training program, Feed Hope Kitchen. As participants learn skills for the culinary industry, they hone those skills by preparing meals for other Everett Gospel Mission residents and guests.

As they cut, dice, sauté and stir, they know that every action they take will impact someone else. Someone just like them.

Janet*, a graduate of our first class, says it this way:

“Because, when I was out there, I was hungry. I know how it feels,” she says remembering the days when she had nothing to eat and no one to turn to.

“I watch the people here eating lunch and I see how it changes them. I know what it is like to be hungry. It makes me teary-eyed to watch them eating.”

This Thanksgiving will be the first time our holiday meals will be cooked by students of our Feed Hope Kitchen. I know these hard-working chefs-in-training will put their heart and soul into serving delicious food to our guests. Not only because they are striving for a better life for themselves, but because they want to share the hope they have with others.

That’s the beauty of HOPE. You just want to pass it on.

Thank you for changing lives here at the Mission! Thank you for FEEDING HOPE HERE.


*Name changed for privacy.