October 10, 2014

12th Annual Community Breakfast

People all across the United States have been known to say four little words to stand up against a variety of causes.

Usually they’re opposing new developments, outraged at a change in law, promoting environmental responsibility, or worried about upsetting the balance of their cozy communities.

I’m sure you’ve heard these four little words before. They are: Not In My Backyard.

This year, for our 12th Annual Community Breakfast, we’ve decided to take this idea to heart and turn it towards something we believe everyone can get behind: Childhood hunger and homelessness.

No one in our backyard should be homeless! That means, no child in Everett should go hungry. Especially not when there is something we can do about it.

Please join me, along with Lillian Ortiz-Self, Washington State House Representative for the 21st Legislative District, as we discuss how we can come together to fight back against poverty, childhood hunger, and homelessness.

You will also hear how God is using friends like you to change lives at the Mission and have the opportunity to meet some of our current residents. Each year the breakfast is inspiring and life-changing for the speakers, the volunteers, the Mission staff and the attendees. We don’t want you to miss it!

Make sure to check out egmission.org/breakfast for more information and to RSVP!