March 27, 2015

The Story Isn’t Over

Good Friday is almost here. I have a hard time with Good Friday. Most Good Friday services are dark and hopeless. They focus only on the crucifixion story. That’s what they are designed to do. But each time I leave one with the weight of what Jesus did for me heavy in my heart. I can’t help but want to cry out, “STOP! WAIT! That’s not the end of the story.”

In the Christian church tradition, we wait until Easter Sunday to proclaim the most amazing news of all: Jesus is alive! But in reality, we don’t have to wait until Sunday to rejoice.

Jesus is alive today. He loves us today. He forgives us today. He will wash us clean today.

That’s the good news that I get to share with our Mission guests every day of the year.

You see, they’ve waited long enough. They’ve been hungry long enough. They’ve suffered long enough. It’s time to offer them hope. Not fleeting hope, but lasting hope. Eternal hope. Hope that promises that Jesus didn’t stay in the grave, but rose again. His story goes on, and ours does, too.

That’s the message we share with our guests at the Mission. We all need a second chance. We all need Jesus. No matter what we’ve faced or what we’ve done, we don’t have to be stuck.

Jesus is alive. He will walk the earth again. His story isn’t over and neither is ours. In fact, it may have just begun.

Thank you for your partnership. Please be in prayer for our guests. They have been through so much, they desperately need to know that their stories aren’t over, that Jesus is with them and that He loves them. Also pray that God would provide enough meals for the up to 500 guests we’ll serve on Easter Sunday!

Sylvia Anderson, EGM