April 7, 2015

When small Becomes BIG

One day, when I was on the bus, a woman approached me and asked me where I worked. She must have seen me getting off the bus near the Mission and was hopeful I had some connections. When I told her that I did in fact work at Everett Gospel Mission, she was relieved. She said her husband was a bus driver and had seen a man who was in desperate need of new shoes.

They had seen him climbing out from the bushes behind K-Mart, his shoes so full of holes he had wrapped plastic bags around his feet to try to keep them dry. As soon as she described him I knew she was talking about Tom*.

We’ve seen Tom around for quite some time. He’s in his 60s, he doesn’t talk much and has always been resistant to help.

When I said I knew the man, this woman asked me to find out his shoe size so she and her husband could get him some new shoes and socks. Once I found out Tom’s shoe size, I passed the information along. Within days Tom had brand new shoes and fresh, clean socks.

As he put them on, I asked him again if he’d consider meeting with one of the senior housing people to get set up with housing. After years of saying no, Tom was finally willing. The act of kindness the bus driver and his wife showed him opened his heart.

Even though it was only a new pair of shoes, this compassion by people who didn’t even know his name became an open door that made Tom receptive to our help. It’s truly amazing how God can use even the smallest acts of generosity to transform people’s lives.

I encourage you to look for some small ways you can share God’s love today.


Case Manager, Everett Gospel Mission Men’s Shelter


*Name changed for privacy.