September 28, 2015

Break the Cycle of poverty and homelessness

Have you ever hammered a nail with a pair of scissors? It doesn’t work and it’s dangerous.

The right tools are so important.

Each $25 you give right now will provide one man or woman with the specific tools they need to escape poverty.

You see, poverty is complex and difficult to overcome. The wrong kind of “help” can keep someone homeless months and even years longer. It can lead to someone dying sooner than they should. But your gift today will give someone like Steve access to the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty, before it’s too late.

This fall we’re seeing a surge of people in desperate need. Many have been traumatized by abuse, neglect and hunger during childhood.

If you don’t help them now, who will?

Your gift can help someone like Steve climb out of poverty and experience the joy of a whole new life and a whole new legacy.

We’re the only shelter for men and the largest shelter for women and children in all of Snohomish County. Without your help, men women, and children right here in our community will stay trapped in the cycle of poverty. Please give as generously as you can!

Each $25 you give provides food, shelter, job training and other help for one person to break out of the cycle of poverty!