November 6, 2015

Is our heart in danger?

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” – Matthew 6:21

We are all born with the capacity to care for one another. How
we treat the less fortunate is a measure of how much value we place on our compassion.

Because you support Everett Gospel Mission, I know you care about desperate men, women and children who face the prospect of a winter in the Northwest without shelter. Your compassionate gifts are like storing up treasure in heaven!

But as a community, I think we are in danger.

You may have noticed for yourself how people talk about those experiencing homelessness . . . like they aren’t even people. As though they deserve every terrible thing that happens to them.

Studies indicate that if we project shame, blame and criticism on an entire group of people, we impact our own well-being. This has been labeled “cynical hostility” and ironically, has been linked to heart disease!

This Thanksgiving, in addition to your family celebrations you can reach out to people in need.