November 12, 2015

There are meals, and then there are Thanksgiving meals!

Most of the year, the dedicated cooks in our kitchen have to make do with the ingredients they can get . . . The odds and ends people donate, the leftovers from restaurants, and expiring staples from the stores.

But this Thanksgiving, we have an opportunity to really roll out the red carpet. We want it to be a special day, and we want our guests to feel like they are part of a celebration, just like they might experience at home if they could only go home!

So we need turkeys, and all the trimmings. Just the same things you’ll be eating in your home that day, we want to serve it to our guests right here!

Because it’s getting so cold and wet out there, we know that a special holiday meal can lead someone to stay with us and begin to change their life for good . . . and this could save their life this winter.

That’s why you may be hearing a lot about meals in this run up to Thanksgiving. That’s why our Feed Hope Here campaign is such a big deal, too. It starts with this fall as we prepare for Thanksgiving, but goes through the whole holiday season.

We appreciate you reading our mail and blogs, giving as you can, and maybe even helping us spread the word . . . Because every meal counts, but the Thanksgiving meals are extra special!

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