November 11, 2015

Why meals matter!

Since the launch of our Feed Hope Here campaign, you may notice that we are talking a lot about food! Of course, meals are important all year long. But the holidays offer a special opportunity to change lives, starting with a meal.

By providing meals, you:

  1. Bring people into the Mission
  2. Build a bridge of trust
  3. Offer dignity to someone who has eaten scraps or even garbage
  4. Fill a stomach for the first time
    after days or even weeks of hunger
  5. Restore health and give people strength to face another day
  6. Warm people up who have been out in the cold
  7. Make people feel safe and secure
  8. Welcome guests in like family
  9. Sustain residents in our recovery programs
  10. Give people comfort
  11. Show God’s love
  12. Spark life-changing hope
  13. And Feed Hope Here!

A meal can be the start of a changed life!