January 15, 2016

The power of a few well-timed words

One of the most gratifying parts of my work is seeing someone who is truly coachable soak up every bit of wisdom we can give them. And then they just soar!

Tim* is such a good example of that.

He was once an IT professional, with a steady job at Boeing. When the economic downturn happened, he got laid off and divorced at the same time.

He was bright, well-spoken and thoughtful. Yet he was also battling to stay sober. In a dark moment, he got drunk and wrecked his car.

“I sat in jail and thought, what if I had killed somebody?” he said of this time. “Instead of a 6-figure job, I’m dealing with jail time and probation.”

After he was released homeless, he eventually ended up at Everett Gospel Mission. Along the way, a counselor gave Tim a new perspective. The counselor told Tim:

“This isn’t a riddle that someday you will solve. You are powerless over this thing.”

Tim felt a wave of relief. Those few words opened the door for him to believe and trust in God. He has since then found work, and been accepted to a college, too. He’s changed so much!

In all of this, the biggest winner of all is Tim’s 10-year-old daughter who now has a dad he can look up to again.

“I love her so much,” said Tim. “She’s my favorite girl in the whole world.”

You never know when the wisdom you share with others will take root and bloom, and change a life. Why not fill out a volunteer application today and share your wisdom with people who are eager to learn? We have plenty of people like Tim waiting to learn from you here!

*Name changed for privacy.