June 7, 2016

They Lost EVERYTHING in a Few Short Months

Your support is changing lives and that’s really an understatement. Violet is one of so many grateful men and women who have straggled into the Mission, emaciated and exhausted, and found the hope and help they needed to get back on their feet.

She could almost be a poster child for “How to become homeless in three months or less.”

She worked hard all her life. Had two beautiful children. She and her husband ran an HVAC business as well as a cleaning company. 

Then within two months both her brother and her husband were killed. She couldn’t recover from the grief. Almost overnight, she lost the family businesses. Fell behind on all her payments and ruined her credit. Finally, she lost her home of eight years.

Packing everything they had, Violet and her two children headed out into the nightmare of homelessness.

“It was terrible,” Violet told us. “I would scrape together change to buy my kids cheeseburgers . . . I would just eat every few days. I was really underweight when I came to the Mission.”

There is so much to Violet’s story . . . Like how her biological mother was a prostitute. How she was born addicted to heroin and adopted by an aunt . . . How she fought her whole life to be a contributing member of society.

And how your support helped give her hope and faith for the first time.

“Before I felt like I was drowning,” she said. “Now I’m learning to swim.”

I’m happy to report that Violet is doing well today. She is clean and sober, going to church, and she and her children have a place of their own. I’ve never seen anyone more excited about going back to work!

They say God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. But the truth is, sometimes we need to help each other through the hard stuff. Your continued prayers and support are essential to help people like Violet who don’t have friends or family left to turn to when tragedy strikes. We are their family. And you are part of the Mission’s family, too.

Let us know if we can be praying for you, or help you in any way.

We’re all in this together!