August 5, 2016

Be Kind to Humankind, for Travis!

We’re in the final days of summer. This is a pretty tough time at Everett Gospel Mission . . . So many people in need, and it’s the hardest time to raise funds. Travis reminds us that the streets are truly life and death out there.

While staying in our shelter, he passed out at work one day. Because homelessness had taken a toll on his body, Travis died a short time later from what should have been an easily treatable infection.

 We lost Travis, but so many others are coming to our doors that we can save from a tragic end. I encourage you to participate in Be Kind to Humankind Week in his honor, it starts August 25.

What better way to be kind than extending a hand to someone in crisis? You can do it with a secure online gift right now, and it only takes a moment!

Each $37 provides a day of life-saving food, shelter and life-changing care.

Then, for the next seven days, look for opportunities to spread the spirit of compassion throughout your own neighborhood. We really need it! Here are some ideas:

  • Pick up the phone and call someone who is lonely
  • Invite a friend or relative to lunch
  • Hold doors for people behind you
  • Allow a person with fewer groceries check out ahead of you
  • Send a note of encouragement to lift someone’s spirits
  • Remember to say “Please,” “Thank You” and “Excuse me.”
  • When you buy toilet paper, diapers or other household items, by a second set to donate to the Mission.

I know our friends are so creative. You are probably already thinking of ways to surprise people with a little kindness where it’s least expected. Visit us on Facebook and share what you are planning to do, or take a picture of your good deed while you are doing it, and share it to inspire others to be part of this special week.

I’m excited at the impact we can all have by coordinating our efforts together!