August 24, 2016

Ella was like 47% of Americans . . . living on the edge!


I recently read in the Washington Post that 47% – nearly half – of Americans could not afford an unexpected $400 expense. Not even with their credit cards!

People would have to sell their stuff on Ebay to take care of a toothache, or a car repair . . .

Or heaven forbid, bury a child, like Ella had to do . . .

In better times, she worked at the library. Now at 62, she and her daughter and grandchildren were staying in a motel room. As if things couldn’t get any worse, her daughter died right before Christmas. Her grandchildren ended up with relatives. And Ella ended up . . .


If it wasn’t for generous friends like you, Ella might be out there on Broadway right now, facing the night unsheltered and still grieving her terrible loss.

Instead, she was welcomed into the Mission with a hot meal, a shower and change of clothes. She was shown to a cozy room decorated by volunteers with a comfortable bed and clean sheets.

“I’m thankful to be here,” she told us.

After finishing our life and job skills classes, Ella moved into a place of her own. Now she volunteers at the senior center here in Everett and at the Mission as well.

If you donated or volunteered at the Mission in the past year, then you helped Ella! She said to tell you: “I appreciate what you have done for me and for so many others.”

Even with perfect planning, everything can fall apart sometimes.

We truly walk by the grace of God one day at a time. And with half of our neighbors living on the edge, and layoffs hitting a lot of our local airplane workers, Everett Gospel Mission is so needed right now.

So please keep praying and giving.

Every bag of food or hour of time or financial gift is like saving to a back-up emergency fund for our whole community. And right now, we’re a safety net in need of shoring up!

If you can, make a gift safely and securely now – every $20 restocks $120 worth of food and supplies!