September 14, 2016

1,188 reasons to Feed Hope Here!


It breaks my heart to think that on one bitter-cold January night, they counted 1,188 people in Snohomish County stashed away in cars, tents, cheap motel rooms and even just walking around trying not to freeze to death.

That’s 222 more people than the previous year…

Enough to fill a new Boeing 787 plane.

Most shocking of all are the ages. We had at least one newborn. And we had a military veteran from our Greatest Generation without a roof over his head.

 And there are so many others with tragic stories to tell.

Friends, we can’t let our hearts harden against our homeless neighbors. If you agree, please join me in launching the Feed Hope Here campaign – today!

This is our opportunity to engage every able person in the work of ending homelessness in our community. To make Thanksgiving and the Christmas season a time of changing lives.

We have 55 years of experience in helping people the right way – pointing people to lives of purpose. And we have our marching orders right in the Bible . . .

“Love thy neighbor.” Mark 12:31

All we need is your partnership.

You can start by checking out our new Feed Hope Here website and see all the ways you can participate.

Let’s unite between now and the end of the year, to save lives and give people a brighter future. Because the next time they count shivering people in January, we want to have some reasons to celebrate!