November 8, 2016

What real help looks like

You would be amazed, but despite our best intentions, our kindness has the potential to harm people experiencing homelessness. That’s why, at Everett Gospel Mission, we do our utmost to help people without creating dependency.

So if you visit Everett Gospel Mission, you’ll see our guests and residents cooking, cleaning, sorting donations and answering phones. You’ll see people who have completed all our life and job skills classes mentoring the new people coming in through the doors.

The hard work and contribution from people staying at the Mission allows us to help even more people with very few staff. I am privileged to see people grow in confidence and self-assurance when they keep their commitment to their responsibilities. By faithfully serving through their assigned chores and obligations, they become more of the person God created them to be!

We also have daily devotions, chapel services and weekly Bible studies to care for people spiritually as well. At the drop of a hat, we pray with our guests and for them. God’s word gives our guests and residents a map back to a fulfilled, meaningful life.

It really works!

So when you give Thanksgiving meals, you can be confident that the difference you are making will last . . . you truly are changing lives for the better and ending homelessness.

You are restoring dignity, and giving people hope for the future.

Together we can help enable people to move from the streets and on to lives of purpose, giving back the way we are all meant to do.