December 15, 2016

The Dangers of Winter

Something amazing happens when women and children come through our door.

Our staff, volunteers and even fellow residents rush to greet and welcome them. They triage their needs to make sure nothing urgent is overlooked. Food, a change of clothing, a hot shower, a place to lay down and rest . . . all of these things show God’s love to families traumatized by the crisis of homelessness.

For those who come at Christmas, the joy of being cared for has only just begun. We really get in the spirit here! We bake cookies, decorate the tree, learn about Jesus – the real “reason for the season” and sit down to a special dinner on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Each child receives at least one wrapped gift that their mom has helped to pick out, and the moms get a few things they need, too. You would be amazed how thrilled both the men and women are to get a warm winter coat or a pair of shoes to keep their feet dry this time of year.

You can see the transformation in people’s faces with each day that goes by! They can feel God’s love – the true Christmas spirit!

Thank you for all your support and prayers to make this Christmas the beginning of hope for dozens of families who have nowhere else to go. Together we are restoring people both physically and spiritually — and making the New Year a true fresh start for people who are eager for a new life.

Sylvia Anderson