January 17, 2017

$20.17 for 2017: Reflections from my coldest night

I don’t recommend trying this. You see, on one October night, I participated in an event where a group of us spent the night outdoors. It wasn’t even raining, and I was shivering from head to toe.

For hours, I sat on the sidewalk.  There was no way I could sleep.

The Bible says “Joy comes in the morning,” and I can tell you that was certainly true for me that day.

A lot of people are freezing out there even worse than what I experienced. They are coming in with fear in their eyes, because they know if we can’t help them, no one will.

Will you let us know you are still standing with us in 2017 by renewing your support today? When you give $20.17 for 2017, you’ll help provide:

  • 2 meals
  • Hot shower
  • Clean clothes
  • Dry socks
  • Shoes
  • Winter coat
  • Gloves
  • Hat
  • Life-changing Christian care!

Giving has dropped off steeply since the Christmas season ended. Severe weather is just around the corner, maybe even snow. We can only help as many people as friends like you make possible.

Please let us know you are standing with us in the New Year by making your first gift of 2017 right now. And please pray every person experiencing homelessness in our community comes through this winter unharmed!