March 29, 2017

One + One = Four

If anyone asks you, “What can just one person do about homelessness?” – tell them about Everett Gospel Mission!

You see it’s true that, individually, we can only do so much. But together, heavy lifting becomes light lifting. We all have a part in this work. Even if we don’t know it yet!

And whatever you have to contribute is absolutely vital. Maybe you can stock a pantry. Come on down!

Can you cut hair, fix a leaky faucet or paint?

We have quilters who make sure every bed is a work of art that welcomes in women and children with comfort. And of course, all of the wonderful people who give financially – we wouldn’t even be here without them.

Even $2.05 from a child’s allowance provides a meal that can be the start of a brand new life. For that person, it’s a priceless gift they will never forget.

This is the math of God. He takes a little and uses it to make His love visible to the lost and searching and to our whole community. One plus one really can equal four.

I encourage you to come down and see how the impossible becomes possible when you add yourself to the equation! You can sign up for a tour right here.

And bring your friend!