April 17, 2017

Hindsight and Tipping Points

Sometimes it’s amazing to look back at our lives. Hindsight allows us to see our tipping points most clearly.

Gabe* has two.

The first happened when he was about 18. His parents divorced and he didn’t have any tools to cope with their split.

“I was old enough to know right from wrong,” he says, “But I didn’t know how to deal with life. So I started drinking.”

That first drink turned into another, and one day turned into the next, until 34 years later, Gabe was sleeping on a curb, shaking, and wondering what happened to his life.

That’s when the next tipping point happened.

Someone told Gabe about Everett Gospel Mission. He was so weak that he could barely make it up the stairs. But, thanks to friends like you, Gabe got a good meal, a bed, and joined the Genesis program.

“I had absolutely nothing,” Gabe says. “I had the clothes on my back. This mission gave me a coat, a hot shower, food. Now I’m looking every day for someone else to help.”

Gabe’s pain may have started with one event, but his life changed with one more. That’s what hope and the love of Christ can do.

“If this building wasn’t here and the people were not here to guide me, help me, and direct me, I would have killed myself,” Gabe says.

Watching lives like Gabe’s being transformed is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I’m so glad you are a part of it.

Sylvia Anderson

*Name changed for privacy.