Amanda stared into the Snohomish River below. All she had to do was take a single step to fall in the icy water and be done with it all. She studied the drainage grate, which promised to pin her with rushing water from ever reaching the surface again.

It was a failproof plan to end it all.

Only God had something much bigger and better in mind for her . . .

In a state of shock, she found herself walking without even realizing where she was heading. She found herself at Everett Gospel Mission.

Amanda’s rail thin frame, filthy clothing and vacant stare revealed her dire situation. We found a place for her on the spot.

“I was broken beyond what I thought could be repaired,” said Amanda. “I just remember praying and asking God, “Please let me go home.”

Her shocking condition began when her own mother offered her up as a prostitute when she was just three years old. The traumatized toddler fled on foot to her grandmother’s house. Although she went to live with an aunt, her new home was dangerously permissive. Wild alcohol-fueled parties were common in the home. By 12 years old, she ran off with an 18-year-old man.

“That’s what triggered my homelessness,” said Amanda. “I dropped out of school and was pregnant when I was 15.”

Amanda’s boyfriend abused her. He left them homeless, with Amanda addicted and on the verge of suicide. She was 50 pounds underweight. But Amanda found a fresh start at Everett Gospel Mission, starting with healthy meals and Easter hope!

“It was just amazing to wake up and know that I had food,” she said. “To know there was always going to be lunch, and then dinner, so I could take time to become whole again was wonderful.”

Since graduating from our recovery program 10 years ago, Amanda has gone on to a happy marriage. Her family attends church together three times a week. She is so grateful for the opportunity to be a mother.

“I encourage my kids to read the Bible for their walk with God,” said Amanda today. “I want them to know the Lord as the Lord has become known to me.”

“God led me here. He brought me to this place, and when He brought me here, He freed me.” 

– Amanda