No one chooses to be homeless. It’s not a decision they make. It’s something that happens to them. It’s like when you or I catch the flu — we don’t choose it. Yet I’m continually amazed how many people still think homelessness is caused mainly by alcoholism, drug addiction and laziness.

The reality of it is, those assumptions let us keep the hurting faces of homelessness at a distance. We can disassociate ourselves from their tragic situations, thinking that we will never be there. But the reality is, homelessness can happen to anyone.

And homeless people aren’t always who you think.

Did you know that…


36% are families with children.1 in 4 homeless women have been abused.28% don't get enough to eat. 1 in 5 people eating at soup kitchens are children.40% are Veterans. 44% worked in the past month.22% suffer from severe mental illness.