When it comes to changing lives, Easter is even bigger than Christmas at Everett Gospel Mission!

Each plate piled high with food shows someone God’s love. You’ll remind our guests that they don’t have to walk their difficult path alone.

A child’s Easter should be wonderful. 

But that can’t happen without your help.

The children in our shelter have suffered so much. They’ve been hungry. They’ve slept in cars or a different motel room every night. They’ve gone to school without a coat or supplies. And many have never even celebrated Easter before.

Each $2.05 you give will help make a special day possible, including:

  • An egg hunt
  • An Easter basket full of surprises
  • A ham or turkey dinner with all the trimmings
  • Food baskets for indigent families
  • A new Bible and more

With your help, men, women and families with children won’t have to spend Easter hungry and worrying about where they will lay their heads at night.

Please provide as many meals as you can.

Donate Now!