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Neighbors Care

Neighbors Care provides Acute Respite Care for people in need. Neighbors Care also improves EGM’s Men’s shelter occupancy rate and provides a safer and better bed environment for the Men’s recovery program.

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Help Make The Community A Better Place

Neighbors Care addresses a critical gap for our community’s most vulnerable. Together, we can ease their suffering, improve our community, bless those in need and deliver significant benefit to every citizen and neighbor.

Neighbors who care truly make the community a better place.

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Specifically, Neighbors Care provides


  • The Transformational Bed System for all men’s programs and respite care.
  • 16 bed systems for Respite Care
  • 40 bed systems for Recovery
  • 8 bed systems for Relapse Prevention
  • New laundry space, exam room/office, community living space.


For more information about the effects of sleep deprivation and the importance of sleep. Click here to download our resource sheet.

Shelter Remodel

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