“Homeless ministries are at the forefront of program innovation and organizational transformation.” 

–Baylor University

Poverty and homelessness is a challenge in our community. There is no way around it. Government agencies and non-profit organizations are frequently coming up with new ideas to provide housing to get people off the streets.

But they often overlook the fact that poverty, homelessness and even addiction run much deeper than any curb or gutter.

A recent study by the Baylor University reports that faith-based organizations like the Everett Gospel Mission are one of the most effective resources for individuals to overcome the burden of poverty and homelessness.

Why? Because of the holistic approach to healing. Our neighbors in need aren’t just handed a plate of food. They are given nourishing meals and safe, warm shelter, plus spiritual guidance, counseling, job- and life-skills training, and the love of Jesus so they can be changed from the inside out.

It works. The study affirms that. But more importantly, so does Gabe and the hundreds of other people whose lives have been transformed through God’s grace and friends like you.

Will you make today a day that another life changes? Each $37 provides meals, safe shelter and transformational care for 1 person!