Here’s how disaster can strike, even when you have a good job, a home and a healthy savings account . . .

It was an ordinary day, until Colin realized he couldn’t catch his breath. Doctors at Providence Hospital delivered the devastating news: heart failure. This 30-year Snohomish County resident could no longer drive and unload trucks – his job of 14 years. He lived off his savings for a year and that’s when he lost everything in a house fire.

“The Red Cross gave me three nights in a motel,” he said. “My last day in the motel, I came out and looked around. No car. Someone stole my car.”

Colin will never forget the shock of having his car stolen. But the hardest part was yet to come. He told us:

“From March onwards, I was keeping clean and bathing every day in the Pilchuck River. For the first time in my life, I was homeless.”

Colin first came to the Mission for a meal.

That first plate of good, hot food gave him comfort and helped him feel safe. Then he started sleeping on a mat in our shelter. He was thrilled when an actual bed opened up.

It’s a long road to get back on his feet. Until then, Colin helps out at our front desk, welcoming in other people experiencing homelessness. He asked us to pass along his heartfelt message:

“Some people say, ‘They brought it on themselves.’ But don’t we all make bad decisions? I see a lot of courage here. I see a lot of perseverance. People are fighting for their lives. Please continue doing your good work, because it’s really needed.”

3 big counties . . . 1 spirited Mission!

Did you know that Everett Gospel Mission is the men’s shelter in Snohomish, Island and Skagit Counties? And we are the largest of just two women’s shelters, too.

Without your faithful and generous support, people like Colin would have nowhere to turn when disaster strikes. Your gifts offer hope and show people what the love of Christ is all about. It’s the best way to help across five counties!