Sandra’s Story

The bills started piling up, along with the stress. Desperately trying to survive, Sandra tried selling anything she could to help pay the bills. But it wasn’t enough.

Soon, Sandra lost her house and was living in her car.

Sandra tried to prioritize what items to keep. She even sold her walker because it wouldn’t fit in her car.

It was a completely different life than she had ever pictured.

Each day, she would wake up and try to find a place to clean up. If she could scrape some change together, she would buy some food. Then she would go to the park or library, always careful not to draw attention to herself.

“I couldn’t go to the same places on a regular basis or to the park too often, or else someone might call to tow my car.”

Nights were the hardest. Each night Sandra would try to find a safe place to park her car where no one would notice. She would try to sleep, but was often too frightened to sleep for more than a few hours.

Then one night Sandra decided she couldn’t do it anymore. She came to Everett Gospel Mission for help.

Now, because of friends like you, Sandra finally has a safe place to sleep again. She gets nourishing food every day, and is working to rebuild her life.

“I know I have more opportunities now than I did before,” she says.

Thank you for helping Sandra get out of her car and into a safe shelter. She’s on the path to a changed life now, and she wouldn’t be there without you!