You may be thinking that Thanksgiving is weeks away. Why not set this newsletter aside and join the Feed Hope Here campaign some other time? Well, here are a few reasons to get an early start:

  • Northwest nights are growing longer and colder. People who slept on the streets through the summer now face a struggle to survive.
  • We’re turning away about 10 men and women each night. The crowds are only going to grow between now and November 24.
  • 36 veterans faced last winter unsheltered. The oldest was 85! Hot meals bring in these proud heroes so we can help them.

Even under ideal circumstances, we need to get a move-on now if we’re going to serve more than 400 special turkey dinners this Thanksgiving.

Our highest priority is that no one goes hungry, even as we care for our neighbors who are in crisis right now. The best time to Feed Hope Here is now!