Who’s coming to Easter?


It’s strange to think, but many feel that asking for help at Everett Gospel Mission would be a humiliation even worse than being homeless. Some have died in a tent, because they were too intimidated or too proud to come to our door.

Hunger eventually brought Samuel to us for a meal, and I’m so thankful that he came. That first meal showed him what the Mission was all about. 

That’s why Easter is so important. We’re planning a delicious feast. And we also want to tell people about the miracle of the Resurrection – the greatest comeback story ever told. We know what Jesus did for all of us on the cross can give people hope for a fresh start.

We need your help to make this Easter a celebration of hope and the beginning of a new life for as many people as possible. In addition to

the meals, we also want to provide shelter and a path to get off the streets for good.

Each $37 can turn someone’s life around. 

If you are passionate about sharing God’s love with people experiencing homelessness and you want to make a difference right where you live this Easter . . .

Now is your time!

I hope you won’t miss this opportunity,