How Would You Stay Warm?


When you’re homeless, you may not have a warm coat or gloves, much less layers of waterproof clothing. Shoes and socks soak through and never dry out. When the wind blows, it’s next to impossible to get warm. No wonder so many people come to us with a serious case of pneumonia or bronchitis this time of year.

People try to stay warm by: 

  • Stuffing their shoes with plastic bags
  • Lining their clothes with old newspapers, foam or leaves
  • Wrapping up in garbage bags or discarded bubble wrap
  • Pacing all night long
  • Making huts out of cardboard boxes and tarps
  • Huddling near dryer vents outside of laundry rooms

If you had to survive a week outside, what would you do to stay warm? What would you carry or wear to help you survive?

What You Can Do to Help: 

The Mission needs coats, blankets, sleeping bags, socks, hats and gloves.

For lasting change, you can provide the opportunity for someone to escape chronic homelessness for good. Each $37 provides three meals, a night of shelter and Easter hope for a fresh start.