A Path Out of Homelessness

“The generational cycle of poverty is real. We want to care for the immediate needs of those trapped in poverty, but also help them escape the cycle.” –Randy Haake 

Our services are tailored so that whether a woman is single or has a family to care for, she is welcomed with open arms and tangible help to move on to a stable, better life.  

Women and children are the fastest growing segment of Snohomish County’s homeless population. In fact, right now more than 800 mothers and children are waiting for housing in Snohomish County. But they need more than just a bed to sleep in.

Single homeless women and women with children need encouragement, support and individualized care so they can take the next step to escape homelessness and break the generational cycle of poverty.

We have space for up to 100 women and children. Each person in our residential program receives personalized care and is given access to nutritious meals, beds, clean clothing, spiritual support, addiction recovery, life-skills training, employment help and more.