Becky and the Fudge Ladies

Becky has been volunteering at Everett Gospel Mission for 3 years. She and a group of ladies from her church come in once a month to work on crafts with the women and children staying here.

“It started when a young girl from church had 50 beanie babies that she wanted to donate to the kids living at the Mission,” Becky says. “She had the idea to make it into a small party. We brought in snacks, drinks and the beanie babies. From there I decided I wanted to come more regularly.”

Volunteering at Everett Gospel Mission: More Reward Than Work.

“We come once a month. There’s a man from our church who makes fudge for us to bring each month, so we are known by many of the ladies at the Everett Gospel Mission as the ‘fudge ladies.’”

“I love the relationships that I have built with the women,” Becky says. “I love rejoicing with the women as they overcome struggles. I love seeing prayers answered for these ladies each month.”

Time is her only limit.

“I feel so blessed to be a part of what the Lord is doing at Everett Gospel Mission,” Becky says. “If I had more time I would volunteer more.”

We need more caring people to partner with us in serving our guests. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, working or retired, a ball of energy, or a quiet listening ear, God can use you! You just have to be willing.

To help those in need, like this mom and her kids, find out how you can volunteer by going to: